I Think, Draw, Make & Do

J. Wirtheim Design is the art studio that powers the Victory Garden of Tomorrow brand of posters and merchandise, and who has served clients for over 10 years with original art, illustration and design. My studio practices contemporary arts imbued with a makers’ set of values, and a local economy sense of scale to create collectible lines of merchandise.

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Since 2008, Joe Wirtheim has been making artwork at his Portland, Oregon studio. Works by Wirtheim have been recognized by The New York Times, Martha Stewart Living Magazine, by Organic Gardening Magazine, by the Portland Art Museum, the Design Museum Boston, NBA's Portland Trail Blazers, among others, and our goods can be found in fine shops and homes across the United States.


Highlighted Projects


Garden Sign Project

Garden signs have been a key idea of mine since the first sketches of the VGoT project. I saw them in old photos of real 1940's victory gardens, when people were proud to garden. What I have made is a line of illustrated signs that are just as neat. They're a fun way to bring more expression to your yard and thought toward the creatures that come visit, like bees and butterflies, who are important parts of our ecosystem--we should treat them as friends!


Poster Frame Design-Build

It took a year to figure out the design for my own wood poster frames. I had been offering poster frames supplied by a local frame shop, but they were never adequate. I wanted my own, with choice of colors, and an expression of craft that underlines the poster project. Uniquely built, and with a style that compliments the arts and crafts era, these are the definitive way to present VGoT poster prints.